Here are effective treatments which can help you deal with hair loss

Dr Mohan Thomas, a senior cosmetic surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Institute shares about the techniques and development of techniques for hair restoration


Nowadays, one of the biggest concerns for most people and predominantly in men is hair loss. Hair is an important determinant of physical attractiveness and means of expressing one’s feeling and individuality.

Although female pattern hair loss is also common, however, not many women consider taking treatment as they think that oiling will improve hair. Hair loss often affects a person’s self-image, esteem and their quality of life.

The way to retain the present state of hair, both in number and coverage, is non-surgical hair treatment. Everyone, whether young or old, dark hair or grey hair, man or woman benefit from this treatment if they are actively losing hair.

This first line of treatment will also improve the quality of the hair growth along with stimulation of the dormant hair follicles. This treatment includes supplements of specific minerals and vitamins to nourish the hair follicles.

Also, applications like Minoxidil increases the blood flow in the skin, oral medications to block the effect of Di-hydro testosterone and injections of Platelet-rich plasma infused with growth factors, so it would stimulate dormant hair follicles to grow.

This treatment shows a 25-50% improvement in number, quality, and texture of the hair in 90% of the people. The only area which may not show the improvement is hairline.

For areas which are resistant to the improvement of non-surgical treatment, hair transplant is the only solution. The principle of hair transplant is transferring healthy hair, from the back of the head to the area of necessity.

It is noted that transplanted hair displays the same characteristics which it had in the donor area. It means that hair harvested from the back of the scalp will retain the ability to grow till old age.

There are two basic techniques of hair transplant based on the way the hair is harvested namely FUE and FUT.

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction involves using punches to core out the hair along with its root from the back of the head. It is done without making any cut or involvement of sutures.

The most important care of this procedure is to extract the hair along with its root, failure of which will cause the loss of the graft. Many physicians and technicians use this technique as it is simple but the outcomes depend on the experience of the operator.

FUT or Follicular Unit Transaction involves harvesting a strip of hair of hair from the back of the head. The grafts harvested through this technique are superior and hence yield good results. The only concern is the presence of a thin scar on the back of the head.

FUET is our combined technique, which is used on people having significant hair loss and who require a large number of grafts for the best results.

Combination of treatments is required so as to prevent hair loss in the first place and add hair grafts in areas where hair has been lost. It is the only way to achieve consistent growth and the cover of hair for the best outcome.