‘Help us build an army of organ donors,’ appeals lyricist Swanand Kirkire

Actor, writer, and lyricist Swanand Kirkire has pledged his support to My Medical Mantra’s organ donation awareness campaign. Swanand Kirkire has appealed to people, to spread a word about organ donation and help India to become an army of organ donors

Swanand Kirkire
Swanand Kirkire

In India, there is a huge disparity between the demand and supply of the human organs, as there is not much awareness about organ donation. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about organ donation. Union health ministry has also admitted in Lok Sabha there is a shortage of organ donors in India.

With an aim to bridge this gap between the demand and supply, and to create awareness among the masses My Medical Mantra, a health news portal has taken an initiative. My Medical Mantra has decided to observe August as organ donation awareness month and, actor, writer and, lyricist Swanand Kirkire has accepted to become the brand ambassador of this campaign.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Swanand Kirkire said, “My Medical Mantra has taken a great initiative to create awareness of cadaver organ donation. This is a noble cause, which can help save thousands of lives. My humble appeal to people is to try and spread the word about organ donation on any platform which you can. This will help us build an army of organ donors in India.”

Swanand Kirkire further said, “As a brand ambassador, I take a pledge to spread a word about organ donation among the masses. India is a youth nation, and if the youths take up this cause, we can spread awareness across the country. But, for that, we should start from our home first. Let’s speak to our family, friends and make them understand the cause and its importance.”

Organ Donation-Month

As per union health ministry, in India, only 0.58 per million people donate organs, and the demand is in lakhs. The ministry has admitted that India is facing a shortage of organ donors.

When asked about the shocking stats, Swanand Kirkire added, “This is really shocking that very few people in India donate organs. I urge people to come forward and join hands to take this movement forward. A brain-dead person can help save eight lives. After your death, the organs will turn into ashes. So, let your loved one live through someone’s body.”

Swanand Kirkire signed off saying, I have taken a pledge to spread a word about organ donation, and I want people to join in, let’s join hands and help those needy people who are waiting for organs.