Help tribals with medicines, appeals doc couple

In order to acquire help for the needy, from the people belonging to the metropolitans, Dr Abhijit Gadevar, medical officer, Gatta Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Gadchiroli, has started a campaign on social media. Through which, one can send the medicines to the tribals on just one click


  • In the tribal areas of Gadchiroli, there are no big hospitals. There, primary healthcare is of prime importance.
  • If the necessary healthcare facilities are not provided then it can be risky for the patients. Owing to which, Dr Abhijit Gadevar and his wife took initiatives who are working there since last 5 to 6 months.
  • Netizens are also supporting this campaign.

 Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Abhijit Gadevar, a medical officer, attached to  Gatta  PHC in the naxalite area of Gadchiroli said, “A list of the basic medicinal needs of the patients was given on this website. The campaign has started from 4 to 5 days. As of now, the list of medicines which will be needed foe 2 to 3 months has been provided on the website. We are trying to reach to the people through Facebook and WhatsApp.”

About the campaign:

  • Dr Gadevar has given a complete list of medicines for the primary center on the website of For this one will have to login on the website.
  • The information will be displayed about the name of the medicines and their cost.
  • People can donate medicines as per their wish.
  • The medicines purchased will reach to the doctors of Gatta Primary Health Center in Gadhchiroli.
  • The name of the donor can be kept anonymous.
  • This campaign is just like online shopping.


Dr Gadevar said, “We are trying to provide medicines to the patients which are their right. People will definitely benefit from the availability of medicines at the nearest Primary Health Centre.”

Dr Dheeraj Attarde, orthopaedic consultant, Sancheti Hospital Pune said, “I always wanted to do something for needy. It’s not possible to be there personally in some remote areas of Maharashtra. But, it’s worthy to help those who are really doing so. We can help indirectly for this noble cause and carry forward our support to this movement.”