Help Champion: NGO seeks funds to treat maimed, castrated street dog

A dog, whose penis, testicles and front paws were chopped off is undergoing treatment at Malad-based NGO, Animals Matter to Me. He has developed septicaemia and the expenses to treat him is likely to be around Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh


In a case of extreme savagery against animals, a street dog was found in a critical condition at Mira-Bhayander with his penis, testicles and front paws chopped off.

The animal was rescued from the street on Saturday by two animal lovers and brought to Malad-based NGO, Animals Matter to Me. “Champion was brought to us on Saturday evening in a critical condition. He was visibly in immense pain and was not able to move,” said Ganesh Nayak, founder and chairman Animals Matter to Me.

Nayak, whose NGO is known to treat animals in critical condition, said he is unnerved by this act of barbarism. “This situation is distressing. The fact that this act has been has been inflicted by a human being is pathetic. Champion has developed septicaemia, a serious bloodstream infection, due to his injuries,” he added.


The dog was turned away by several NGOs because of his critical condition, said Nayak. “The treatment seems to be working as he is responding to antibiotics and painkillers. We’ve put him on saline. He’s wagging his tail and trying to move around. He is a fighter,” he added. There is, however, one concern: Champion hasn’t been eating.

Animals Matter to Me is appealing for funds to help support his treatment. The NGO has projected the treatment cost at Rs 75,000 to Rs 1 lakh, which will last for three months. “We need Rs 25,000 a month for his treatment, which includes administering a costly medicine imported from the US that will help his wounds faster. A 100ml bottle costs Rs 8,000. He will also require special food. He will need two to three tins a day, and one tin costs around Rs200-300,” said Nayak.

Elaborating on the further course of treatment, Nayak said they are now waiting for the wounds to heal. “A lot of pus has accumulated in the wounds. Once the infection subsides, we plan to suture the genital area as it has been slit open. Once the wounds on his paws heal, we plan to get him prosthetic legs. We will have Champion stay with us for rest of his life as it will be difficult for him to survive on streets,” he said.

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