Heatwave: Maharashtra witness rise in fever, diarrhoea cases

Since the past few years, the temperature in the country has witnessed a steep increase in the summers. And this year as well, the temperatures are soaring high. Doctors are witnessing a rise in the number of cases of fever, vomiting, and various infections. So, the doctors form Maharashtra share what precautions need to be taken in order to beat the heat


Maharashtra state is reeling under a severe heatwave for the past few days. The rising mercury has already crossed the 40-degree mark, in Vidarbha and Marathwada districts. Also, the people staying in central and north Maharashtra, too have no respite from the rising temperature, and the Mumbaikars’ are sweating it out in the scorching sun.

The rising temperatures and the heatwave has had an adverse effect on the people’s health. Doctors say Mumbai is witnessing a sudden rise in cases of fever and diarrhoea due to rise in temperature. While throat infections and vomiting are on a rise in Nashik.

Patients are queueing-up to the clinics with eye-infection, temperature, skin-related ailments and other throat-related issues.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, General Physician Dr Prafulla Awate, said, “Since the last few days, patients with complaints like fever, throat infection and diarrhoea have increased. A sudden change in temperature and the harsh sun has taken a toll on peoples health. On an average, we witness 20 odd patients visit me with fever related complaints. While going out in the sun, one should take precautions.”

The temperature in the state

Chandrapur 41 Degree 

Mumbai 35 Degree  

Pune 39  Degree  

Nashik 38  Degree  

Buldhana 39 Degree 

Wardha 41 Degree 

Nagpur 41 Degree


What precautions need to be taken 

Drink a lot of water 

Don’t leave the house without having food 

Avoid outside food 

Carry water while going out 

Nashik, which is around 160 kilometers from Mumbai, is also reeling under severe heat. A general physician from Nashik, Dr Smita Kamble, said, “Due to the heatwave, cases of fever, vomiting, and throat infection have increased.  People are facing eye-related ailments as well. A major factor of the throat infection is the roadside food. People should avoid outside food and include fruits in their diet.”