Heat and haze grips city, experts offer tips to combat it

Surprised by the increasing heat and humidity and a winter-like haze blurring the trees in the park during your morning walk or while going to the office and finding is it difficult to reconcile with the daytime temperature? A freak weather condition has hung the haze over the city for almost two three days and shows no signs of leaving us soon

Heat and haze grips city, experts offer tips to combat it

Mumbai’s tryst with haze has become a matter of concern for the experts as well as the citizens. Krishnakant Hosalikar, Deputy Director of weather department said, “The percentage of humidity in the Mumbai environment has increased. It has been recorded up to 85 per cent to 90 per cent. The humidity has been recorded high due to the moist winds coming from western sea and the rise in temperature has also been noted.”

He further said, “In the last few days, minimum and maximum temperature has been increase by 2 degree Celcius. The humidity is causing the haze (combination of dust particles) at the time sunrise and sunset. The visibility is also affected by it.”

Heat and haze grips city, experts offer tips to combat it

Dr Jayesh Lele, a senior General Physician informed, “We can feel the increase in humidity and temperature in Mumbai. The situation is not that severe to cause sun stroke. This can cause excessive sweating. Such weather conditions can activate certain microbes.”

According to Dr Neelam Sathe, ENT specialist, to tackle the haze, wear sun glasses and stay hydrated.

Manjari Chandra, Senior Consultant Nutritionist, Max Multi Speciality Centre, New Delhi said, “Stay hydrated, drink lots of water. Not just water but getting the electrolytes back.  Now-a-days, a lot of people have sugary drinks, which will actually dehydrate you. So opt for nimbu paani, berries, oranges, cucumber, and watermelon.”

She added, “Avoid foodstuff containing excess fats or salt like maida, bun, biscuits, because they tend to sap you of water. Give up street food and drinking flavoured water. Go for sharbats — Khus, bel leaves, amla and kokam. Drink infused water with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, tulsi, mint, lemon slices and so on. “

Experts stressed upon following a healthy diet and exercise. Rutika Murudkar, clinical nutritionist at Naraindas Morbai Budhrani trust advised, “Opt for buttermilk, curd and coconut water. Add coriander, mint and tulsi leaves and sabja in cold water, which will cool down your body temperature. Consume salads and drink juices. Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks.  Exercise will bring up your energy levels and keep you active.”

Combat heat, follow these tips:

  • Buttermilk, curd, coconut water, Nimbu paani, berries, oranges, cucumber, and watermelon
  • Shrabats – kokam, aamala, khus
  • Infused water with spices
  • Consume salads and drink juices
  • Avoid junk, spicy and oily food, flavoured water, alcohol and carbonated drinks