#HealthyHoli: Here’s how to protect your eyes and skin this Holi

Playing colours is a favourite part of Holi especially for small children and youngsters. While nobody can stop them from enjoying their day, the festival can be best enjoyed by exercising a caution to avoid damage to eyes, skin and hair


The riot of colours seen in Holi looks absolutely amazing to one and all. But we must remember that these colours which give joy to many, bring horror to the lives of many others, each year. If you have wondered how to protect my eyes and skin from Holi colours, then doctors are ready to offer some advice.

The eyes are particularly vulnerable to damage as almost always colour is applied to the face, starting from the eyes moving onto the cheeks. Doctor’s advice can come in handy as the city gears for Holi.


Dr Rasika Thakur Cornea Consultant H.V Desai Eye Hospital said that there seems to be a demand for darker and long lasting colours which may contain harmful chemicals.

Exposure to these chemicals can result in eye irritation, blindness and conjunctivitis ( pink eye). Harm to the eye because of synthetic colours containing chemicals can cause temporary blindness which can last few minutes or few hours depending on how soon the treatment is started.

In such situation at home it is advisable to splash cold water in your eyes and seek professional advice as soon as possible. She added that the best thing is to avoid synthetic colours and opt for natural colours , even homemade colours using beet root, tomato, few flowers, turmeric etc., which are chemical free .


Dr Nisha Parikh Dermatologist at Inamdar Multispecialty Hospital said that the first and foremost thing that the parents /guardian could do is to ensure that synthetic colours are avoided and natural colours are used.

Artificial colours contain inflammatory causing particles which cause oxidative damage to cells inside our body.

Skin is affected in a with redness, itching while hair may become brittle in some cases. If the artificial colours contain harmful chemicals, it may also cause cancer in worst cases.

While Dr Vikas Mantole Dermatologist at Inamdar hospital said that applying oil from head to toe, especially the exposed body parts and skin folds behind the ears, under arms and groins, wearing full sleeves polo neck shirt and pants, sunglasses for eyes, wearing material which doesn’t absorb colours , applying oil to the hair can go a long way.

After playing washing colour with running water for 5-10 minutes, using soap free cleanser, mild shampoo is advised. Don’t scrub or rub the skin to remove the colour, if some colour remains let it get washed out gradually over a period of time.

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