#HealthOfKerala: ‘We are indebted to the doctors of Maharashtra’

As the team of doctors from Maharashtra are continuing in their noble efforts of providing medical relief, a flood-affected person has profusely thanked them for their help. He has also appealed to people to help them make arrangement for alternative means of power due to the electricity crisis


“I have two houses and an office which were submerged underwater in the neighbourhood where I come from. We had never ever imagined that we would face such an onslaught in our lifetime. The impact of the devastation cannot be described in words,” this what Anil George, a resident of Pathanamthitta district in Kerala.

He has taken shelter in one of the medical relief camps set-up by the doctors of Maharashtra. George further added, “The state of Kerala has 32 dams, in total, the state government ordered all the sluice gates to be opened. I believe that due to this decision all the water from these dams made way into populated areas. Due to this many houses and buildings were almost completely submerged for several days. Many people lost their lives due to this.”

Anil expressed thanks to the doctors who came from Maharashtra, to assist in the medical relief work, he said, “I have taken refuge at this camp as I had nowhere else to go. Over here, the team of doctors from Mumbai’s JJ Hospital; is doing a brilliant job by conducting medical examinations on the people who have been brought into this camp. We are indebted to your selfless service. We are truly grateful to the people of Maharashtra.”

He added, “Please continue to help is whichever way possible. Please help us in whichever way possible. Help us rebuild Kerala. We require generators and cleaning equipment, we also need technical power or solar power. These are badly needed as we are not going to have access to electricity for the next three months. As the power lines of the Kerala State Electricity Board have been totally submerged under water.”