#HealthOfKerala: Shortage of medicine is a major health concern in Kerala

Diabetics in Kerala are staring at an unforeseen health crisis which has been caused due to their unfortunate circumstances. They are afraid if they go on any longer without insulin, they will experience severe health complications


“I have been taking insulin for the since a number of years now. But I have not been able to take a single dose of insulin since the past eight days. I don’t know what will happen now,” said an anxious Sunitha, a middle-aged woman who has been a diabetic patient since the last 10 years.

My Medical Mantra had a met her at one of the medical camps in Ernakulam, Kerala. But Sunitha is not alone in her plight, like her, several other diabetics patients are facing a grim reality and are on the brink of a medical crisis. According to an study by the Indian Medical Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Kerala is the a diabetic capital of India, this fact is a dreadful reminder that an absence of insulin in the body can be very dangerous.


As per a recent report released by the Indian Council of Medical Research in 2017, 19.4 per cent of people suffer from diabetes in the state of Kerala. And a stunning facts is that in the age group of 45 to 69 years, nearly two-thirds (67.7 per cent) had either diabetes or pre-diabetes.

While speaking with My Medical Mantra, Dr Arshad Khan, who is leading a team of doctors in Ernakulam, said, “Knowing very well that Kerala is India’s diabetes capital, we were not surprised that a lot of patients stood in the queue, during our medical camp, demanding for insulin injections with tears in their eyes. These patients are well-educated and are aware about the complications of diabetes.”


He further said, “Some of the patients, revealed that their last blood report noted that the level of their blood sugar was already too high. And now, they are aware of the fact they have been unable to take insulin injections from the last 8-10 days. For the first time, in a medical relief camp we have faced such a situation where patients have adamantly demand insulin injections.”