#HealthOfKerala: Health dept provides medicare to people via online portal

The health department of Kerala has started an initiative to help the victims of the Kerala floods with their medical requirements. An online service has been started, through which medicare can be provided to people at their doorstep


As you walk into Ernakulam’s General Hospital, which is one of the biggest health care camp in the city. One can immediately realise the scale of the massive devastation and how torrential rains have impacted this city.

Here at this health camp, an online platform has been set-up and launched by the health department of Kerala, in a course of one day, hundreds of frantic calls are received at this hospital. Through this camp, medical aid is being provided to those people who are in dire need of medicine.


The health camp itself has been set up with the help of NGO’s and private medical practitioners in Ernakulam. Till now, the medical camp has already reached out and offered medical assistance to more than 500 people.

Kerala has suffered its worst flood within living memory. While 7.25 lakh people have been rendered homeless, about 400 are feared dead due to the havoc created by the flood. More than 4,000 relief camps have been established across Kerala and disaster management officials said they were now focused on preventing the outbreak of water-borne diseases

According to medicine distributors at least 500 medical stores in the state have been inundated due to the floodwaters. The state will need essential medicine’s supply for many more months now.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Anwar, who is one of the people who is in-charge of the camp, said, “We have set-up a number of helplines at the camp. Whenever we receive a call, we display the information about the address and medicine required on a board. We have a pool of doctors with us. So we dispatch the doctor or a team for consultation to the  people who have asked for medical help.”

The centralised medical control room coordinates with around 300 doctors to provide the basic medical consultations.

Doctors from Maharashtra are also giving medical aid to the flood-affected people.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rahul Daware, who is attached to Pune’s Sassoon General Hospital, and who has attended to hundreds of patients, said, “We have received a tremendous response from the people who are affected by flood. They are getting medical assistance at their doorstep with just one phone call. Among the people we have seen in person, we have observed that the patients mostly suffering from skin related ailments, due to overexposure to the floodwaters.”

Private medical doctors, the Kerala Government Medical Officers Association and United Nurses Association have volunteered in this health camp.