#HealthOfKerala: Nurses from JJ Hospital play supporting role in treating patients

A special team of nurses accompanied the team of 100 doctors from Maharashtra; the male nurse helped the doctors in treating the patients and dressing the wounds of the people in relief camps. It was a rewarding experience for them as they dealt with situations they wouldn’t have faced in their day-to-day medical careers

Mohammed Abullais, a technician from JJ Hospital tending to the flood-affected patients in Kerala

These male nurses expressed that it was a fulfilling experience for them, through which they not only learnt many things, but also gained practical knowledge in dealing with patients going through trauma caused by a natural disaster.

Mahesh Jadhav, Yuvraj Patil, Nilesh Bidaye, Kiran Sathe, Dharmesh Patel, Mangesh Pandav, Ram Kate, Animesh Gaikwad, Sebin Anthony and Riju Raju were the nurses who had visited Kerala. Mohammad Abullais, a technician also assisted the nurses in dressing wounds of the flood-affected patients.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Mahesh Jadhav, said, “It was a great opportunity. We not only learnt many things while offering our services to flood-affected people, but we also received a great amount of satisfaction when we returned home after serving all those affected people.”

Nilesh Bidaye, said, “Even if we get another chance to go there and serve them; we will not hesitate. Mother Nature has been very harsh to people from Kerala and it will take years for people from Kerala to recover. We all are feeling blessed that we could offer our little help to them.”

Dr M B Tayade, dean of JJ Hospital, Mumbai, said, “We had got a good opportunity where we could serve the flood victims. The entire staff from JJ hospital and all other doctors from Maharashtra, who went to Kerala, did their best to treat flood victims. If there is a need, we are ready to serve even more.”

Superintendent of JJ Hospital Dr Sanjay Surase also, expressed his gratitude that they got an opportunity to serve the people of Kerala.