#HealthOfKerala: ‘Now I will have to rebuild my home, but how do I start?’

The devastating floods in Kerala have put its resident in extraordinary situations where there have lost virtually all that they ever had and owned. People are now struggling with basic necessities of daily life. Rebuilding a life from rock-bottom seems impossible at this moment in time

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“The rains have completely destroyed everything we had, our homes have gone, engulfed in the floodwaters, and now filled with muck. We have no clothes and it feels like everything has ended,” these are the words of Saraiamma, a 73-year-old woman from Aranmula, Pathanamthitta district.

She lamented, “The torrential rains have finished taken everything we had. Now we will have to rebuild our houses. But how do we start? This is the biggest question staring back at me. We don’t even have the proper thing which we could clean our house with.”

Saraiamma is facing a crisis in her life, where she has never been through. All that she worked for during the course of her life has gone away, right before her eyes.

The elderly woman faces a monumental task of re-building her life and picking up the pieces and starting afresh. It will take a lot of effort to restore what was. But it will be more difficult to heal the wounds which have scarred her mind. The mental trauma and anguish is tremendous to contain.

Finding some semblance of normalcy will be an uphill battle in the days ahead. The circumstances have hit her hard; her health is fragile as she suffers from a heart condition. Saraiamma has been emotionally battered and seeing her house which has almost been wrecked fills her with even more pain.

With tears in her eyes, Saraiamma recounts how she had to walk away from all that she valued and cherish to save her life, when the flood waters began to rise. You could sense the sorrow in her heart, as she began to speak with tears welling in her eyes, she said, “I am a cardiac patient. I had to leave my house. I just had my clothes on my back and my medicine with me. The rest of whatever I had left back has been washed away by the flood. The water had entered through the roofs. I have lived here for my entire life and have not seen this before.”