#HealthOfKerala: Indian Army’s portable hospital a lifesaver for many

The Indian army is playing a stellar role in Kerala flood rescue operations. The army personnel have courageously rescued people stranded in floodwater and trapped on rooftops, and dropped relief material to flood-affected areas. Now, a team of servicemen from the Army Medical Core is moving from one place to another with a movable hospital to provide medical relief to the flood-affected people in the state

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Over the past two weeks, as rains wreaked havoc on Kerala, as stories of desolation and loss were shared, another narrative emerged – of hope, of inspiration and resistance that speak volumes of the human will.

The armed forces are working round the clock to ensure the safety of the people. The official estimate of the number of people displaced is over 3 lakh. From rescuing children, old people, and pregnant women, the armed forces are working to ensure the safety of the people

A team of 24 men from Army Medical Core (AMC) has been deputed to provide medical services to the victims of the flood.

The team of officers is from Secunderabad. They have been here since the last 7 to 8 days.


They have set-up a movable hospital at the flood-affected site and are providing immediate medical assistance to people and saving lives which are hanging in the balance.

The team is moving with truckloads of medicine and all the necessary emergency medical equipments. Equipments like defibrillators, ambubags are there at the makeshift hospital.

This is Indian army’s portable hospital which can be set-up anywhere in the country during emergencies.

A senior office from the Army Medical Core while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “We can set up a portable hospital anywhere. We carry all the emergency medical equipments with us. We can set up a small Operation Theatre (OT) at any place and conduct minor operations as well.”

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Another officer on the condition of anonymity, said, “We have trained doctors and nurse with us. We are carrying emergency medical equipments like defibrillators and ambu bags (bag valve mask), etc. We have surgical equipments with us as well.”

At least 10 lakh people are currently taking shelter at relief camps across Kerala, which has been ravaged by floods following torrential rains in the state.

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Kerala is facing its worst flood in 100 years as water from 80 dams were released, leaving 13 of the 14 districts submerged. Sudden release of excess waters from Mullaperiyar dam by Tamil Nadu was also reasoned as one of the reasons for the floods.

As many as 70 composite army teams, comprising infantry, medical, signals and engineer units were part of the relief operations across the state. Altogether, 1,500 army personnel have been deployed in the state to assist the state government in relief operations.

Flood-ravaged Kerala seems to have been able to find its moorings after five days of a stupendous rescue and relief operations which were well-coordinated among various stakeholders.

The defence personnel have played a key role in the rescue operations in trying conditions and built temporary bridges among a range of activities to help the flood hit people of the state.