#HealthOfKerala: Doctors from Maha prepare strategy for medical relief mission

The team of 100 doctors from Maharashtra have spilt themselves into three groups to cover more ground. As night falls, the doctors have chalked out a plan for the medical relief mission for Tuesday morning

#HealthOfKerala: Doctors from Maha prepare strategy for medical relief mission

The doctors from Maharashtra will have a long day ahead of them on Tuesday, August 21 as they carry out their task of providing medical relief and examining the flood-affected people in the state. Kerala has witnessed its worst floods in nearly a century.

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As water begins to recede in certain parts of the state, the challenge lying ahead is to curb an outbreak of disease in the state. People are at the most vulnerable during this time and unfortunately the conditions are favourable for the spread of waterborne diseases.

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The medical team is equipped with first-aid kits and necessary medicines, along with food items. Maharashtra Medical Education Minister, Girish Mahajan has accompanied the team in their relief efforts. The team has enough medicines to last them for 2-3 days; more supplies will be brought in from Maharashtra as the need arises.

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The team consists of physicians, paediatricians, gynaecologists and other medical workers.

The doctors have decided to form three teams so that they can cover more ground. They have divided themselves into Team A, Team B and Team C.

Tomorrow morning, Team A will be heading to Pathanamthita district, the worst-hit flood affected area. Thousands of people are displaced there. They have been kept in camps by the state government of Kerala. 30 doctors are part of this team

Team B will be going to visit Thrissur district, and also consist of 30 doctors.

And Team C is going to visit Ernakulam district, all the teams will coordinate with the local district administration and then proceed to the health camp area

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Team A group leader Dr Sriniwas Chavan, ENT department head at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, said, “Our team is going to the worst flood-affected areas. We have taken all of the necessary medicines with us. We will start work early in the morning. Our aim is to make sure that the diseases do not spread.”

Dr Gajanan Bharti, associate professor Medicine Department, Sassoon Hospital and head of team C, said, “After the rains, there is a threat of waterborne diseases which are likely to spread. So our aim is to curtail the spread of diseases.”

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The Kerala government is providing all the necessary logistics support to the Maharashtra doctors. The team of doctors from Maharashtra is fully prepared and are doing their best to reach out to the people of Kerala.