Health workers save pregnant woman in labour with an ingenious idea

It’s always been a challenging task for health workers to provide emergency medical services to the patients in the tribal areas. And during monsoon, due to the swelling of the riverbed, and streams, it becomes all the more difficult. On September 20, a doctor from Melghat region of Maharashtra, had successfully evacuated a pregnant lady, by helping her in the nick of a time

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It was around 10:30 a.m. in the morning, on September 20, when Dr Sajid Khan, who was on duty in the 108 ambulances received a distress call from a family from Berda Bela village.

The ambulance which is attached to Dharni Sub-district hospital, Melghat, Maharashtra rushed to their aid.

When they reached there they saw that a pregnant lady who was at the full-term in her pregnancy. She had developed a labour pain. The doctor immediately rushed to the village, only to find out that a swollen river stream was blocking his road which gave him access to the village.

As there was no other alternative, he and the driver waded through knee-deep water and managed to reach to the village.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sajid Khan said, “When I reached the village, the lady already had convulsions. Her haemoglobin was only 4 counts, and she was severely anaemic. It was an emergency, as anything could have happened to the baby and expectant mother.”

Dr Sajid further added, “Due to the swollen stream, the ambulance was not in a position to cross into the village. So, we then decided to carry her on a charpoy. After almost one hour of wading through the stream, we finally managed to reach to the ambulance. Later, we admitted her to Dharni Sub-district hospital.”

Dr Vipin Khadse, who is attached to the Dharni Sub-district hospital, while speaking to My Medical Mantra said, “Her condition is still very critical. Her haemoglobin is still very low. But, she has been saved in the nick of a time. She still hasn’t delivered yet.”