Health ministry directs states, UT’s to furnish data of the contaminated polio vaccine

On Wednesday, October 03, the union health ministry dispatched a letter to all the states; and the UT’s to provide data of the contaminated polio vaccine. The health ministry is also increasing surveillance in the affected states

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  • The union health ministry has directed all the states and the union territories to furnish information about the contaminated Polio vaccine.
  • The ministry has asked for the information about the stock of batches B100318 supplied by a Ghaziabad based company.
  • The polio vaccine supplied by this company was found to be contaminated with polio 2 stain.

In the letter the Health ministry states,

‘The vaccine batch number B100318 has been found not to be of standard quality. The stock of batches, B100318 (and also batch B100218 and B100418) has to be mobilised at the central location in the state/UT while maintaining the cold chain. The availability details of the said batches of bOPV vaccine in your state/UT may be furnished to this ministry at the earliest.’

On Wednesday, October 03, the Union Health Ministry in the statement had said that, “No sample has tested positive for wild poliovirus in sewage or AFP cases since 2011. The country remains polio-free and this status has been maintained for more than seven years since the last wild poliovirus case in the country was reported in January 2011.”

The recipients of such vaccine will usually shed the vaccine virus through faecal route for about 4-6 weeks after which it will die down.

In small areas where such vials were used, polio surveillance in the environment and through stool collection has been significantly enhanced by MoHFW, with support from WHO and partners to keep a constant vigil on the shedding of the polio vaccine virus.

In light of all the above facts and measures taken, the risk of any child getting vaccine derived polio disease is practically nil.