Heading for a trek this monsoon? Here are some precautions to follow

While nature’s beauty calls out to adventure lovers, it is important to follow doctors advise and take precautionary measures while going out. Doctors say that heart patients, patients who have orthopaedic problems and people who are suffering from psychological phobia, should take extra precaution while trekking during monsoon

Heading for a trek this monsoon? Here are some precautions to follow

One of the doctors at KEM Hospital in Pune went missing on Thursday while he was swimming in the Aambi River at Panshet taluka in Pune. While the monsoon is steadily progressing over Maharashtra, incidences of people going missing have already begun.

It is being reported that Dr Kashinath Khatape from KEM hospital, had gone for a swim in the river. After he went missing, people are searching for him since yesterday. While this might be the first incidence of people going missing in the monsoon, many such are bound to be reported in future, as it does during this time of year.

Monsoon is the season for many to explore nature on weekends. People go on a mountain hike, valley walking and or to get just get wet under a waterfall. But along with being adventures and appreciating the best nature has to offer, people must also take care of their health and well-being.

Dr Hemant Kokane, cardiologist at Sassoon General Hospital, said, “People suffering from heart ailments should take extra precaution while going for monsoon trips. The first important thing is that they should always consult a doctor, whether it is safe for them to go or not. Also, they should not go in the water with temperature less than 29 degrees Celsius. Your heart has to work much harder in the water compared with when you are out of it. When you are inside water, changes to your circulation mean more blood is returning to your heart.”

Dr Kaustubh Joag, psychiatrist at Ruby Hall clinic, Pune, said, “Some people have water phobia. They realise it only when they get into a vast river or bathe under a tall waterfall. Many a time’s causalities happen in monsoon season.”

Health precautions to be taken while trekking:

  • Take a hot water bath once you come home, to avoid infections.
  • Keep your body properly hydrated when you are hiking in monsoon.
  • Take your doctor’s advice, if you are a heart patient, before planning a monsoon trip.
  • Don’t jump into water whose temperature is less than 29 degrees Celsius.
  • Carry a basic first aid box while going out.
  • Keep pain relief body spray handy with you.
  • People with orthopaedic issues, like arthritis should avoid going through slippery monsoon paths.