Head injuries can be prevented by adopting safe riding practices

Mumbai Police issued an e-Challan to actor Kunal Khemu who posted an apology on Twitter for riding a sports bike without helmet. After which the actor apologised and accepted the punishment. So, to ensure the safety of citizens, on the occasion of World Head Injury Awareness Day on March 20, Fortis Hospitals- Mulund, Mahim and Navi Mumbai along with the city’s traffic department organised a day-long initiative aimed at creating awareness amongst motorists and pedestrians about road safety, importance of usage of helmets, seatbelts, and most importantly, following lane discipline

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  • The day long initiative was conducted at the Bandra and Mahim junctions, Shivaji Circle, Navi Mumbai and Bhandup-Sonapur and Nahur-Airoli junctions respectively.
  • The team educated motorists about traffic rules and shared information about first aid, to equip motorists to tackle accidents.
  • With the growing number of road accidents in the country, the initiative was a major push to create awareness as well as educate the public on how life threatening head injuries can be prevented by adopting safe riding practices.
  • The use of seat belts as well as helmets plays a crucial role in preventing damage to the brain during accidents.

Speaking about the initiative, Neeta Phadke, Sr. Police Inspector, Mahim, Traffic Dept, Satish Gaikwad, Sr Police Inspector, Vashi, Traffic Dept and Prakash Mansukh, Sr Police Inspector, Mulund, Traffic Dept, together echoed, “The joint initiative was organised to help highlight that by following simple rules, incidences of road accidents can be reduced substantially.”

Dr Chandrashekar Tulasigeri, Consultant Intensivist and HOD-Critical Care Department, Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, said, “All road traffic injuries are dangerous and life threatening and have to be evaluated by doctors immediately. Ensuring that treatment is provided on priority is crucial; else it could leave the patient with life-long impairment.”

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Dr Amit Nabar, Consultant-Critical Care, HOD-Accident and Emergency Medicine, SL Raheja Hospital said, “The most significant impact of any road traffic accidents are traumatic brain injuries. It is one of the most life threatening and devastating incidents leading to severe outcomes. Following simple traffic rules can go a long way in reducing the number of road traffic accidents in our country.”

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Dr Sandeep Gore, Consultant, HOD-Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, said, “Head injuries are generally seen more in men than women. The percentage of injuries is 70% in males and 30% in females. Generally,  the road accident victims are of the age group of 15-45yrs, and are most commonly seen amongst youngsters. It is also imperative that we understand basic first aid, it will help manage a fatality till medical aid arrives”.

Doctor’s at the hospital’s Emergency Room manage about 20-25 cases of Road Traffic Accidents, predominantly head injuries, every month, he explained.