‘He was brought here with burns on his hands, face and back’

For this 23-year-old boy (name with-held on request), going to Kamala Mills was just as exciting as it was for four of his other friends. He was there at the mills to party along with his friends where the fire broke out and has got 12 per cent burns. He is currently getting treated at the National Burns Centre (NBC), Airoli


It’s the end of the year and partying is just the way we are going about it. However, this day turned into a nightmare for this 23-year-old from South Mumbai.

“He was brought here with burns in his hands, face and back. We are treating him here. It is very early to comment anything but a 12 per cent burn in his body is confirmed. We just hope he recovers soon,” said Dr Sunil Keswani, senior Cosmetic surgeon and Medical Director at the NBC.

Meanwhile, 15 victims of Kamala Mills Fire were admitted to Bhatia Hospital at 3 am today. Out of these, 1 person had minor injuries and was discharged. Three persons (one male and two female) have been admitted in the burns unit with 15 to 30 per cent burn. Of these, one patient sustained 15 to 20 per cent burns and is showing improvement. The other two are still critical. The remaining 11 patients are stable and are expected to be discharged within 2-3 days,’ recorded an official statement by the hospital.

‘From the site of the unfortunate fire tragedy at Kamala Mills Compound, 13 people were brought to the casualty at P. D. Hinduja Hospital with 1 to 2-degree burns, superficial burns, and blisters. Of the 13, 7 were male and 6 females with the average age being 30 years. The casualties were administered with immediate treatment and 7 patients were transferred to 2 other hospitals in the city – Bhatia Hospital & Masina Hospital for further management. The rest 6 have been discharged after investigations were through.

Soon after the fire broke out on Friday morning, many women rushed to the washroom in hope of saving themselves. However, they all died of suffocation. Experts from the forensic department say that the death is more due to suffocation than burns,’ stated another statement by PD Hinduja Hospital.

“Initially we got a lot of cases of non-significant thermal burns. All these 14 people tried to save themselves from fire by hiding in the toilet. This could be because of no proper ventilation and thermal burns mixture of chemical gases which led to suffocation and their death eventually. It seems like the scientific way of evacuation was not known to the staffs,” Dr Harish Pathak, head of forensic department, KEM Hospital.