‘He survived due to his willpower’

Rajendra Pal, a 21-year-old, West Bengal’s resident came to Mumbai to fulfil his dream of securing a job. But, destiny had something else in store for him as Rajendra met with a tragic accident. He fell on iron rods in a pit at a construction site in Nariman Point and got stuck on the rods, as a few of them pierced his body. Miraculously, he survived


  • 5ft long rods pierced through his chest and abdomen.
  • His surgery went on for two hours.
  • Fortunately, there were no injuries to his vital organs.

West Bengal resident, Rajendra Pal, 21, came to Mumbai, 20 days ago in search of job. He acquired job as a labourer at Nariman Point’s construction building through his cousin Dhan Parmar.

But, only two days after he joined his work, he met with a fatal accident. On Friday, he slipped and fell in an under-construction basement pit where the rods went through him. Fortunately, Pal did not suffer any fatal injuries as the rods did not puncture any vital organs. The other workers reached the spot and with the help of police and fire brigade he was rescued.

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Doctors from GT Hospital performed the surgery on him in the night. Thus, by removing the rods they gave Rajendra a new lease of life.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dhan Parmar, Rajendra’s cousin said, “I came to know about this incident around 8:30 pm.  I met Rajendra and he spoke to me. He wanted to take up a job. So, we permitted him to come to Mumbai. We are scared as this has happen only in two days. Luckily, my brother has survived.”


Ravindra Naidu, supervisor of the construction site said, “The mishap took place at the Nariman Point, near the Free Press Building.  A labourer informed me about the incident. The police arrived immediately at the accident spot after we called them. The two rods pierced through his chest and abdomen. Still, he was able to talk to us and he wasn’t unconscious. He didn’t feel the pain. Even the doctors were surprised when he was admitted in the hospital. Immediately, the doctors treated him and saved his life. We feared, whether he will be alive? But, he survived due to his willpower.”