He has healed many, but now he needs your support to save his life

Doctors are saviours who help save the life of others.  But now, this doctor is an urgent need of your help. He is suffering from a blood disorder and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. He is gathering funds to cover the expenses of the operation and the following treatment

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Dr Ganesh More, a 34-year-old doctor has worked as a primary healthcare provider in tribal areas like Nandurbar for around 10 years. He is suffering from completed Myelodysplastic Syndrome and doctors have suggested him bone marrow transplant. While he has already spent 20 lakhs on the treatment, he needs 26 lakhs for undergoing an operation.

He was diagnosed with this condition six months ago. And is undergoing treatment at HCG Manavata Cancer Centre in Nashik. He is being treated under Dr Girish Badarakhe and Dr Nilesh Wasekar.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ganesh More, said, “I was diagnosed six months ago. I used to run a clinic in Taloda village in Nandurbar. But I am unable to work for six months due to weakness.”

While he served thousands by giving them affordable healthcare, today he is struggling hard for his life and to get affordable healthcare.

He added, “Since I come from a village in a rural area. I know that people come from a humble background. I ask them to pay whatever amount they can as I know it is difficult for them.”

At the moment, he is living in Nashik. He is married and also has a 1-year-old boy. His entire family is dependent on his income. But due to his treatment, he has been unable to work since the last six months.

Dr More has faced a lot of difficulties due to his condition. Due to the condition, his body cannot produce platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. He is at risk of infections. He has become very weak and encounters a lot of body pain.

Dr More said, “Last month, I suffered from bleeding in the brain and had to be admitted for a long time in the hospital. Earlier injections and pills could help in addressing my condition. But now, doctors have told me that a bone marrow transplant is my only chance of survival.”

He further said, “My brother and sister could not prove to be a match. Since the donor will be an unknown person the cost of the procedure will be comparatively higher. The combined cost of my treatment along with the procedure and post-operative costs will come up to Rs 40 lakhs approximately. ”

Doctors who know him across Maharashtra have now started a fundraising campaign for him. Also, there are just 18 hemato-oncologist in Maharashtra.

“As I’m living in Taloda (Nandurbar). There is no haematologist Or haemato-oncologist in Nandurbar, Dhule or Jalgaon district. So patients have to visit for Nashik, Pune or Ahmedabad to see the haematologist for treatment,” he added.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Girish Badarakhe, a Senior. Haemato-Oncologist and BMT Physician, who is in charge of Dr Ganesh’s treatment, said, “Dr Ganesh has to undergo a bone marrow transplant at the earliest. Last month, he has suffered from intracranial bleeding but he is stable now. Since the bone marrow donor is from outside. The procedure will cost around Rs 26 lakhs with post-operative costs of about Rs 4 – 5 lakhs approximately.”


Dr Kishore Yadav, an ophthalmologist from Dehu’s Primary Healthcare centre is one of the doctors who is helping in crowdfunding.

He informed, “My colleague Dr Ganesh suffers from myelodysplastic syndrome. He will need a bone marrow transplant for this. However, the cost of his overall treatment is 40 lakh, along with the procedure and post-operative expenses. Ganesh cannot afford these expenses. We are helping Ganesh to gather money. But at the same time, we appeal to Doctor’s organizations to also take an initiative to provide financial support to Ganesh.”


Dr Ganesh More has appealed to people saying that any help will be appreciated. His condition is deteriorating. Earlier, he would require blood transfusion once a month. But now he needs them twice or thrice a week. He also needs irradiated blood which is more expensive.

Even a little help can go a long way in saving his life. Please come forward and donate generously.

If you wish to make a contribution here are the details you need to be aware of:

Patient name: Ganesh Pundalik More
Account number – 31512243691
Savings Account
State bank of India
Taloda branch
IFSC no – SBIN0010487

Hospital papers details: file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/New%20Doc%202019-11-23%2014.54.15_1.pdf