He climbed the hill and crossed the river to help a woman in labour

In a Face Book post, Odisha’s Dr Yagnadatta Rath, who climbed a hill and a wade across a river to reach tribal woman Sitadadu Raita who went into labour, thanked everyone for their support. Dr Rath’s prompt action is being praised by all

Dr Yagnadatta Rath

Dr Yagnadatta Rath, works as an ad hoc doctor at Tumudibandha community health centre in Kandhamal. In Facebook post, the doctor who has set an extraordinary example climbed the hill and cross the river to reach Raita who went into labour while on the way to hospital on foot, has acknowledged everyone for their support. And said that, We ,as doctors, want to cure our patients in any conditions.

His Facebook post reads:

“First of all I want to thank my ambulance staff Raghav nayak for accompanying with me to the remote spot,,and Dr jyoti Prakash biswal,Dr Ruttuika panda ,Dr Chinmaya prasad mahapatra,Dr Abhishek nayak ,Dr Ram Chandra mohapatra,Dr suman Kumar Rajguru for managing clinical duty CHC tumudibandh complex while I was away.my sincere gratitude to cdmo kandhamal sir for his continuous support.. I also want to thank BDO sir for early information and my collegues ,media person and public for their huge support.
Firstly, for information regarding the patient rescued,my patient and her baby are doing well in our community health centre. They are under our supervision.
Secondly,on this occasion, I want to convey some of my feelings to the people out there. People used to make us “God” and sometimes “devil”.I just want to make all realise that we DOCTORS are also “HUMAN”.The tag society give to any profession(including doctors) reflects the conscience of society.. We ,as doctors,all want to cure our patients in any conditions… That’s our duty,profession and liability. But sometimes good things happen(MIRACLE) and sometimes bad(DOCTOR’s FAULT).so everybody should realise that there are still many things beyond humanity’s reach..
Lastly a sincere plea of An Indian DOCTOR to his beloved Indians””we , (including our parents and family), study,work and dedicate our life for the fight against the antagonist of humanity both physical and mental..we ,as a medical professional society, working on various grounds not only treating patients,but also on improving our modalities of treatment also every day and night summing months and years. And on return, we only expect from the society the same attitude, what a great sage of India aspired once , “”A society’s true moral test,its fundamental test,consists of its attitude towards those who are solely serving to take the society on the path of truth..here the society must not suffer the fundamental debacle””.. kindly be considerate ,if not for doctors,then definitely for truth.. And more importantly don’t make us God or devil..Just cooperate with us to take the humanity on the path of truth curing the falsehood.”

Know how the doctor helped the pregnant woman:

  • Sitadadu Raita Raita (the pregnant woman) started walking for the Tumudibandha health centre with her husband and family members, but could not carry on after a point. Her husband left her inside a forest with the relatives and raced to the house of Tumudibandha block development officer (BDO) for help.
  • Rath set out for the forest in an ambulance. The ambulance stopped after covering 4km. The rest of the way had to be covered on foot.
  • Dr Yagnadatta Rath, works as an ad hoc doctor at Tumudibandha community health centre in Kandhamal, climbed the hill and cross the river to reach Raita who went into labour while on the way to hospital on foot.
  • While, Rath covered more than 1.5km on foot to reach Raita. She had delivered a girl, but her placenta had not come out. But, Rath ensured her safety.
  • It was her first delivery. Raita and her baby were taken to the ambulance and then to health centre, where they are under observation.