Happy New Year: Thank You, Doctor! TB survivor pens an emotional letter for doctors

On Monday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve), doctors at Mumbai’s civic-run TB Hospital in Sewri, received a pleasant surprise. It was a surprise which they will never be able to forget in their lifetime


Wish you a very happy New Year Doctor; these were the words which a TB survivor wrote inside the greeting card which she presented to the doctors who treated her.

An 11-year-old girl named Anshika Vishwakarma, had walked into the hospital to wish doctors a ‘Happy New Year.’ These were the very same doctors who had helped saved her life, when she was suffering from tuberculosis. A few months ago, Anshika was diagnosed with TB and was being treated at the TB Hospital in Sewri.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Anhsika Vishwakarma said, “The very first day, when I was admitted to the hospital, it was a very difficult period of my life. I had lost all hope that I will survive. But, the doctors gave me hope and a new lease of life. Whatever I am today, it is because of all these doctors.”

Anhsika Vishwakarma

Not only did the 11-year-old child wish the doctors, but she also handed over a greeting card which she had made herself. In this card, Anshika has penned down the ordeal which she had faced, along with an emotional message for the doctors.

In the card, Anshika has expressed her love and gratitude toward the doctors who took utmost care of her when she needed it the most.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Amar Pawar, Chief Medical officer at Sewri’s TB Hospital, said, “I still remember the day when Anshika was admitted in the hospital for the first time. Her condition was very bad. She has pus and air in her lungs, and surgery was the only option. But, she weighed only 21 kgs. So, we decided to monitor her diet for two months. She gradually gained weight and then we performed surgery upon her.”

“There are thousands of patients who seek treatment at the TB Hospital. But a very few come back and pay us a visit to express their gratitude and respect. I will never forget this little girl, who fought bravely against the disease,” added Dr Pawar.

Suman Vishwakarma, Anshika’s mother said, “We had lost all our hope that my daughter will not survive. But the doctors gave us hope and courage to fight. My daughter is alive only because of the doctors.”

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