‘Hand transplant can be life-changing’

Dr Abhijeet Wahegaonkaar stated a hand transplant is not essential transplant but a life changing transplant. He was talking during the two day 44th Annual Research Conference at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH). Various sessions ranging from organ donation, organ transplant to hand surgery and foetal medicines were discussed on the Thursday


Dr Abhijeet Wahegaonkaar, consultant orthopaedic with a Pune-based hospital at the hand and micro-vascular reconstructive surgery spoke about re-plantation and hand transplant during his talk.

“In case of an accident where the hand is detached, it can be replanted. We can now also transplant the hand for patients. This transplant is life-changing as the patient is able to do most of the things effectively making them less dependent on others. In a country like India, this can further add value to a patient’s life,” said Wahegaonkaar.

Speaking on ‘Foetal medicine- Treating the unborn’, doctors highlighted the importance of genetics in diagnosing the diseases in a foetus.

Speaking during the session, Dr Koumudi Godole said that genetics is like preventive and social medicine. “Genetic disorders can happen to anyone. Further, it is easier to analyse a genome today and we can help an entire family to understand genetics,” said Godbole.

Dr Aparna Kulkarni, speaking on the same topic, said that a genetic analysis can help detect Down ’s syndrome more effectively.