Guwahati man gets a ‘new set of bridge’ for himself

While it is a known fact that tooth decay is one of the most neglected problems in our body, doctors now emphasise that it is important to look after the wellness of your tooth, so that a lot of ailments such as that of heart could be avoided. Hence, doctors say that a routine dental check-up is a must


Guwahati man gets a ‘new set of bridge’ for himself

What could be the most common seen sights in a dental clinic? One of them is people holding their jaws in pain. That seems like a routine thing because; we generally go to doctors only when we are in pain. On September 20, that is exactly what a man from Guwahati did.

A 48-year-old GST officer from Guwahati came to Mumbai for a week for his routine health check-up. While during his dental check-up, one of the two incisors (front tooth) was broken. He had already had a root canal done in his state, but nothing could help him.

This time around, he felt it was too small to be a treated as a problem. On further insisting, he agreed to undergo a treatment.

When the officer came in for the treatment, the doctor advised him to go for a bridge. A tooth bridge literally is a bridge that, bridges the gap between the teeth. He didn’t agree to it, as he was on a tight budget. In simple terms, it is a structure in which a false tooth and two crowns, making it a total of three units have a metallic base and acts as a replacement for the natural tooth.

“There is very little awareness when it comes to taking care of tooth or so. There is no concept of routine dental check-up in the country. Most of the times, the patients come in with pain because of delayed treatment,” said Dr Anisha Maydeo Bajaj, a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon at Global Hospital.

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Dr Anisha Maydeo Bajaj, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon

“The problem you see is we give so little importance to everything related to teeth. Ignorance among people regarding oral hygiene is a major issue. We convinced him to finally take up the treatment,” said Santosh Singh, assistant of Dr Anisha.

Adding to Singh’s point, Dr Anisha said, “The officer is a guy who met multiple people every day. Given his stature, it was beyond our understanding about why it didn’t matter to him that his front tooth was actually missing. Ignorance among people is really that high.”

Finally, as a part of treatment, the patient was given a zirconia bridge, which is supposed to be a topmost quality bridge. It is durable, strong as appears as appealing as your natural tooth! “This is the beauty of it. After the treatment, the officer was very happy,” added Dr Anisha.