‘Government should provide legal backing for organ donor pledges’

My Medical Mantra speaks to Aarti Gokhale, Coordinator on Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC), Pune about what the organ donation movement needs to give it an impetus and what is still lacking, and how the government can play a more proactive role towards organ donation

‘Government should provide legal backing for organ donor pledges’

Q. How do you look at your journey as coordinator of ZTCC from 2013 till 2018?

A. What has changed is increase in the awareness. Earlier, it was a big task for counsellors to convince family members and explain them about organ donation. Now, once you convey that the patient is brain-dead; people understand that their organs can be donated.

Q. How is level of awareness now?

A. There has been an increase in awareness and that is reflecting in the increased organ donations. Many NGO’s and government have taken lot of efforts to create awareness.

Organ Donation-Month

Q. What are the things that are still lacking?

A. There is a need to increase the conversion rate. There is still societal pressure that family members feel while giving consent.

Q. Is there anything that you think can improve organ donation?

A. People are filling organ donation pledge form these days. If government provides legal backing to them, it will be taken as consent of the person when he or she was alive, then it will surely boost organ donation.