‘Government is not investing much when it comes to NeuroRehabilitation’

Dr Leonard S W Li, President of World Federation of NeuroRehabilitation (WFNR), said the government should invest more to ensure that rehabilitation services are made available to all. He stated that the WFNR is training people across the globe with special focus on areas where rehabilitation care services are not penetrated

‘Public role in lobbying with the government is important in NeuroRehabilitation’

“The WFNR is an academic multi-disciplinary institute which aims to spread academic knowledge in the field of NeuroRehabilitation. There are many neuro related disabilities, like Parkinson, dementia, stroke etc. We need a multi-disciplinary approach for treating them. In our association we have neurologists, physicians, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and therefore we work with this approach,”  Dr Leonard S W Li said, while explaining the purpose behind WFNR.

When asked about what can be the strategy by WFNR to reach out to less developed and developing countries and train manpower in these parts, in the field of rehabilitation, he said, “We are sending teams to low income countries to share the latest knowledge with the experts in those countries and trying to provide some training courses. This is one way. The other option is to have online programs for experts and for those who want to learn rehabilitation. We are planning different online training workshops mainly in the field of plasticity.”

Dr Leonard S W Li
Dr Leonard S W Li

While community care services have developed in developing countries, the rehabilitation care is not up to the best of its capacity, in these countries. When asked about why developing countries still lack the facilities in the field of rehabilitation he said, “When you compare the neuro impaired patient with NeuroRehabilitation experts, experts are much less. Government is not investing much when it comes to NeuroRehabilitation.”

He also mentioned that, “The World Health Organization (WHO) has also mentioned the need to have trained professionals in the field. There are many ageing people who need NeuroRehabilitation. A WHO study shows that when the life expectancy is growing, it is growing with disability. Healthy life expectancy is not increasing. The focus should also be on non-communicable diseases. Earlier, mainland China had no rehabilitation centres, but now we have around 150 rehabilitation centres. Also, the public role in lobbying with the government is important. That is why, even in the conference we are arranging many public awareness related lectures.”