Good Samaritan: Doctor helps SSC student give exams from hospital

Recently a 10th standard boy from Chakan, Pune had met with a bike accident on March 19, while he was still in the middle of appearing for his SSC examinations. He had suffered a major fracture in his right ankle and was unable to walk. That’s when Dr Vijay Gokule stepped in to help him write his papers from the hospital  

Good Samaritan: Doctor helps SSC student give exams from hospital

SSC board exams are a milestone in our academic life. Every student works hard to secure a good result, so that they can have a bright career ahead. Ganesh Hake, a 15-year-old student was doing the same; he put in his best efforts for the exams.

But unfortunately, he met with an accident, while his exams were still on-going. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors told his family that he had a fracture in his right ankle and he would need to undergo an ankle surgery, in order for him to walk again.

A big question mark was now hanging, what about his exams? As this boy’s entire academic year was on the line. That’s when Dr Vijay Gokule stepped to rescue Ganesh from this situation.

Due to Dr Gokule’s mammoth effort, Ganesh was enabled to appear for his SSC board exam from the hospital itself.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vijay Gokule, a general physician said, “I got to know about Ganesh’s case from a friend of mine. After that I decided to help him. He belongs to a poor family. His father and mother are daily wage earners. He has studied very hard for the exams. His whole years struggle would have been wasted, if he would have missed the exam. He was unable to move, so I helped him. And today I am very happy that he appeared for his Geography exam from hospital and on Thursday, as well, he will give his exam from the hospital itself.”

Dr Gokule further added, “I had sent a text message to Education Minister Vinod Tawade and also met the registrar of the Pune examination board. I explained them about his condition and they agreed to let him appear for his exams from the hospital. We followed all the necessary orders and even kept him in an isolated room during the exam timings.”

He concluded saying, “Ganesh will have to undergo a surgery after his exams are over. As his family’s economic condition is fragile, me and my friends have decided to bear his hospital stay and treatment expenses.”