Good News: A woman delivers child in a private cab en-route to Kamla Nehru Hospital on Monday

Private cab rides can often be very delightful and comforting but, for this expecting mother it proved to be a boon as she delivered a baby in the cab, on her way to the hospital

Good News: A woman delivers child in Ola cab en-route to Kamla Nehru Hospital on Monday

It was a busy Monday morning with usual blues when a private cab driver experienced a different driving event. At about 8 am, the driver Yashwant Galande reached to pick up the customer who turned out to be an anxious expecting mother, and her family member.

“After realizing, the customer is due to deliver a baby soon, I steadily drove the cab to the Kamla Nehru Hospital in Somwar Peth, as her pain kept increasing. Midway through the trip, the baby’s cries were suddenly heard in the backseat – the baby was born. After a quick check on the safety and comfort of the new-born and the mother, I headed back to the hospital where the mother got the required medical attention. I never thought I would help deliver a baby in the line of duty,” said Galande.

Both the mother and the baby are safe and healthy, and the family is extremely grateful to Yashwant for safely taking them to the hospital in time. The baby boy and the mother are both well and went back home on Thursday after the hospital discharged them. The boy weighs 1,600 grams which is normal.

Dr Rahul Ghagre, medical superintendent of Kamla Nehru Hospital said, “The baby was born in the cab and was rushed to the hospital. We provided instant care to the mother as well as the child. The mother needed some vaginal stitches and the umbilical cord was cut. Both the mother and the child are doing well.”