Good News: 11-year-old gifts ‘heart’ to Krushna

With the city reeling under torrential rains, there is good news pouring for the family of an eight-year-old from Ahmednagar. Krushna Sadgir regarding whom My Medical Mantra had first reported on September 02 has finally received a new heart

Good News: 11-year-old gifts ‘heart’ to Krushna

While everyone in the city was worried about getting stuck in the rains, the family of Krushna Sadgir, an eight-year-old boy, who belongs to Akole Taluka in Ahmednagar district, praised all gods for helping their little child in need.

Sadgir, who was suffering from a rare heart ailment, got a call from the Fortis hospital informing about a donor heart. Today afternoon at 1 pm, the donor heart reached the hospital via a green corridor. According to the hospital sources, the surgery was successful and Krushna is shifted in the intensive care unit (ICU) and he is under observation.

Doctors and Sadgir’s parents were trying for a donor heart for him since December 2016. With no donor heart available, Sadgir was admitted at Pune’s Military hospital for fitting a pacemaker- a bridge to transplant- on September 07.

“We got a call from Fortis Hospital last night regarding an eligible donor heart for Krushna, after which we got him discharged from the Military hospital and was rushed to Mumbai in an ambulance. We reached Fortis Hospital at 10 am today and Krushna has been taken in for the operation,” said Ganesh Sadgir, Krushna’s father, a retired army man.

Good News: 11-year-old gifts ‘heart’ to Krushna
My Medical Mantra was the first to report on Krushna’s condition

While earlier speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Swati Garekar, a senior paediatric cardiologist at Fortis Hospital said, “Krushna is suffering from a rare heart ailment. The valve which is located on the right side. The right lower chamber is very thin. This has affected his heart functioning. In four or five years, we get to see this kind of cases. Heart transplantation is the suitable option for this,” she said.

Doctors say that today’s heart donation is a welcoming news for paedicatric heart transplants as this is the city’s third paediatric heart transplant in the last two months. S Narayani, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital, Mulund said,“The donor heart has reached Mulund. The operation is going on, we are happy that paediatric heart transplant in the state is finally picking up.”

Surprisingly, all the three heart transplants have taken place in the same hospital and My Medical Mantra had been keenly reporting about these transplants. “We are very happy for Krushna and hope that everything goes as planned,” said Dr Garekar.

The donor heart came from an eleven-year-old brain-dead girl from Nashik. She was playing football when she accidentally fell down and hurt herself.