GT hospital offers cosmetic surgery with latest technology

Whether a man or a woman, every one craves for good looks and an attractive persona. For which make endless trips to the parlours and salons. Now-a-a-days, people are also heading for cosmetic surgeries, to enhance their body and looks. Cosmetic surgery has increasingly popular over recent years with a number of women, and men, opting for a number of procedures. And now, there will be an easy availability of cosmetic surgeries government hospital

Gokuldas Tejpal becomes city's first hospital to offer cosmetic surgery 

Private hospitals charge a huge amount for cosmetic surgery. Hence, it cannot be afforded by each and every one. This is why this cosmetic surgery has been made available for the common people in the Government Hospital. Few-days-ago, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital started offering laser cosmetic surgery. And in Mumbai, G.T Hospital is the first government hospital to do so.

Skin problems are giving a tough time to a lot of people. So it is necessary to tackle them at the right time. The cost of cosmetic surgery and treatment cannot be afforded by everyone. So by keeping this in mind, G.T Hospital has decided to make cosmetic surgery available at a minimal cost. A host of skin problems like open pores, sagging skin, age spots, and other flaws associated with aging can be dealt with cosmetic surgeries.

G.T hospital had requested state government to make the necessary machines available. After which, State Government has bought machine worth Rs. 35 lakh which is imported from Korea. Hospital has received a good response as lot of patients are opting for cosmetic surgeries. Apart for that, people residing out of Mumbai have also shown interest for the same.

Dr. Usha Khemani, HOD Dermatology, G.T Hospital said, “Unlike women, men also want to look good.  Since the surgery is available at a minimal cost, a large number of people are going for it. A woman who resides in Mumbai had open pores on her face, since long time. Due to poor self-esteem, she had distant herself from everything. She underwent a cosmetic surgery at G.T hospital in two phases. And the treating is showing a positive result, she still has to undergo three phases, after which the pores will disappear”.

Dr. Khemani, added that “Till now 50-60 women from Mumbai have enquired about cosmetic surgery. 200 to 250 patients come to this hospital’s outpatient department (OPD). Out of which, 10-12 people suffer from skin problems. These patients are initially treated with medication. And if the medication doesn’t work, only then the surgery is considered. But before carrying out the surgery, patients are made to fill a form,  in which the pros and cons of the treatments are mentioned”.