Go ‘Clean’: Nursing students perform a street play

They say, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’, keeping up with that, a street play was organised. Dr Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital and all the heads of the department and professors were present for the same


Cleanliness is a most important topic for everyone. If we maintain cleanliness in our daily life we feel lots of benefits. If we talk about our health (physical, mental, social and psychological), we notice that how important the personal cleanliness and cleaning of environment is necessary for us. The whole environment is our home which we need to keep clean in order to be healthy forever. Along with this, keeping the hospital area clean is of utmost important.


In order to generate awareness, Mumbai’s KEM Hospital’s nursing students performed a street play. KEM and Hinduja Hospital’s nursing students performed a street play and advocated cleanliness.

In September, Mumbai’s KEM Hospital had appointed a committee in order to keep the hospital premises clean.  The cleanliness regarding the canteen’s food and water supply will be monitored. If someone doesn’t follow it, an appropriate action would be taken by the committee.