Giving ‘asha’ to women: Meet this young ‘Padman’ from Pune

While everyone has watched the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Padman’ on silver screen, Pune has got a real-life Padman. Sachin Ashasubhash, a 25-year-old youngster from Pune who is making sanitary pads since the last eight months which are distributed free-of-cost in the rural areas of Maharashtra

Giving ‘asha’ to women: Meet this young ‘Padman’ from Pune

Ashasubhash has employed six needy women for the project who makes around 5,000 pads every month. The initiative is being run on the concept of cross subsidisation.

It all started when Sachin used to distribute old clothes to needy people around a year ago.

“When I used to go and visit marginalised communities, I realised health and sanitation of women in these communities is bad. Sanitary napkins, as it, are unaffordable to them and they don’t have access to them. I had seen my mother undergoing uterus removal surgery because of poor sanitation practices. This is when I thought if these women start getting sanitary pads which are affordable and available; it will help in improving hygiene of these women,” said Ashasubhash.


‘Asha Pad’, this is the name which he has given to his sanitary napkins.

“Before designing ‘Asha Pad’, I studied the designs of many napkins that are available in the market and that are being developed on small scale,” he mentioned.

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He further, “The napkins are made out of used cotton cloths. I do not accept any gifts or donations. But, if anybody wants to help this initiative they can send used cloths to us.”

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Six women stitch cotton bags and the revenue earned out of the sale of these bags is then used in the making of sanitary pads. He wants to train women in rural areas of Maharashtra who can also make such pads, and distribute them.

“I am ready to help such women. The design is very simple to make,” he said.

Four napkins are available in one pack. He concluded saying, “I go to different rural hinterlands in the state, and I inform women about the importance of sanitary napkins. I have seen acceptance of these pads as they are free and easily available.”