‘Genetic biomarkers to help streamline treatment in the future’

At the World Federation for Neuro Rehabilitation (WFNR) which is hosting its 10th World Congress here in Mumbai, Prof Nam-Jong Paik, a Neuro Rehabilitation expert from South Korea said that evaluating genetic factors while giving correct treatment is crucial. He said that treatments in the future for neurological disorders will be given after taking genetic factors into consideration. He mentioned that genetic biomarkers are still in the conceptual stage but will develop in the future



While some treatments work for some patients the same treatment do not work for others. This area is being studied under the branch called ‘genetic biomarkers’.

“Some factors like race, colour, environment and eating habits do affect the treatment results. The experts who are studying how these factors affect treatment are studying genetic make-up of people. The genetic factors will be important in offering rehabilitation treatment,” said Dr Nam-Jong Paik, who is a professor at Seoul National University.

Dr Nam Jog Paik
Dr Nam-Jong Paik

“In the near future, we will combine all the genetic data and will analyse how therapeutic treatment works on different genes. This collected big data will then help us to give precise treatment. Till this time, we did not take into consideration the genetic factors while offering treatment. But now we will have to start thinking about that too,” he added.

He emphasised that for country like India, where many doctors depend on line of treatment being offered by doctors in the West, the genetic studies in India will help them in offering a specific targeted treatment.

Dr Paik added, “We should know genetic factors in advance. When genetic biomarkers and their study while offering a rehabilitation therapy is in its infant stage of developing, this is going to be the future while offering the treatment.”