Ganeshotsav: Honouring father’s legacy, Mumbai doctor turns Ganesh artist

When a massive attack claimed her father's life, Dr Snehal Thackrey did not let that be a deterrent in finishing the incomplete task her father left for them. Her father was a Ganesh sculptor and the deadline to Ganesh Chaturi was approaching. The doctor took over the mantle of steeping in her father’s role along with the help of her younger sister  


August 15, was a routine day for, sculpturist Vasudev Thackrey, from Wada, Maharashtra. Ganeshostav was exactly a month away, and the 52-year-old man was busy giving finishing touches to the Ganesha idols. But, suddenly, he got an electric shock and subsequently suffered a massive heart attack, which claimed his life.

But, the most important question the family faced was, who will complete the incomplete work? In the time or grief, Dr Snehal Thackrey, the 25-year-old daughter of Vasudev Thackrey and her sister Nivedita, stepped forward to complete their father’s incomplete work.


They knew that they had a herculean task ahead of them, but the two sisters didn’t give up. They immediately took charge of the factory.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Snehal Thackrey says, “My father has been making idols since the past 33 years. This is our bread and butter. On August 15, my father died. Ganeshostav was coming up soon, so we decided to take charge of the factory.”

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Dr Snehal further added, “I love to serve people, so I chose the medical profession. But, now we have lost our father. My sister Nivedita is a Ganesha artist. She makes the Ganesh idols. So, we are trying to keep the business going. I will serve the people and shall help my sister too to carry my father’s legacy further.”