Gandhi Jayanti: 94 years ago, Gandhi underwent an appendix surgery at Sassoon Hospital

Around 94 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi was operated for his appendix in Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), in Pune. In the old stone building of the SGH, the hospital administration has still preserved the instruments that were used for the operation and the room in which he was operated


While the room and the things used for operation are not accessible for visitors to see on a regular basis, the hospital administration makes it available for visitors to see on birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

There are many detailed notes that are also available with the hospital, mentioning the details of how he was operated and what were the difficulties that the doctors faced while operating upon him.

On March 10, 1922, Gandhi was arrested and tried for sedition. He was then taken to the Yerwada Jail in Pune. Over there he was imprisoned for six years.

The notes with the hospital mentioned that the electricity supply of the hospital had gone while doctors were operating on him. It was an oil lamp that then helped doctors with the light and they could operate on Gandhi.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, Dean of SGH, said, “We are feeling proud that Gandhi was operated at our hospital. We have preserved everything that was used and even the room is preserved. On Gandhi’s birth anniversary, we make it open to see for visitors.”

Dr Chandanwale added, “After he completed 22 months of imprisonment he was brought to the SGH for operation. Surgeon Colonel Medok on March 12, 1924 operated on Gandhi. After the operation, Gandhi had thanked all the surgeons.”