Fund affordable dialysis center at district hospitals, Maha charity commissioner requests temple trusts

The Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra has come up with an idea to start a dialysis centre in every district. In these centres dialysis facility will be provided to the patient for free of cost or the charges will be very affordable. In India, alarming 17.2% of people are suffering from the Cronic Kidney Disease and many of them need dialysis for a longer period of time

kidney dialysis

  • Maharashtra has seen a rise in the number of people who are suffering from Kidney-related ailments.
  • Experts say the most worrying sign is that the kidney-related ailments are rising in the villages and the at the district level. 
  • People living in the rural areas cannot afford the dialysis, as it is expensive and unaffordable for the poor and needy. In order to make the dialysis affordable, the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra Shivkumar Dige has come up with a novel idea.
  • The Charity Commissioner has prepared a plan, to provide dialysis treatment free of cost or in affordable rates to the poor and needy people. 

While Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Charity Commissioner Maharashtra, Shivkumar Dige said, “We have prepared a comprehensive plan to start a dialysis center at the district hospital in the state. For this, we are in touch with 5000 odd Temples Trusts in Maharashtra. The plan is to donate one dialysis machine to each district government hospital, where the dialysis will be done for free or at a very affordable rate. If the district is huge in size then two machines will be provided.”

Patient’s those who are suffering from end-stage kidney disease have no other option, other than a kidney transplant. In Mumbai, there are 3255 people who are waiting for Kidney transplant.  Due to the non-availability of organs patients remain on dialysis for a number of years. Kidney ailments patients have to undergo dialysis thrice a week.  Owing to the high cost the patient quits his treatment in between.

Shivkumar Dige said, “Kidney-related ailments are on the rise in India. District hospitals have dialysis centres but the patients are increasing day by day. We need more dialysis centres to cater a large number of patients. This prompted the idea of starting dialysis centres in every district.”

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, President of Mumbai’s famous Lalbaug Raja Ganesh Mandir Trust Sudhir Salvi said, “Since the past 8 years we have been running a dialysis centre. Daily we are providing dialysis treatment to 96 patients. We welcome the initiative taken by the charity commissioner. This will provide dialysis treatment to thousands of needy patients.”