FSSAI launches ‘clean and safe meat’ initiative

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is launching ‘clean and safe meat initiative with the objective to develop an ecosystem that will enable’ the availability of clean and safe meat and meat products to consumers


The growing population and rising incomes has led to an unprecedented increase in the demand for animal proteins, not only in India but globally as well. The majority of consumers now in India are eating fish, beef (Buffalo meat), mutton, goat, pig and poultry.

Richa Shukla, a dietician from Jehangir Hospital, Pune, said, “The challenge for this nutritional transition to animal protein based diets is linked with the use of antimicrobials in the feed. There are also compromised hygiene practices at slaughter houses and retail markets. Because of all these things there is the lack of trust in consumers on the quality and safety of meat and meat products available to them.”

Dr Sanjay Pathare, at Ruby Hospital, Pune, said, “There is need to complete the entire loop covering quality of feed fed to animals to be slaughtered, till the level it is consumed by direct supply or through online retail platforms. Different diseases originate with unhealthy and unhygienic meat eating. It is therefore very welcome initiative.”

The FSSAI has also come up with following action points:

Food Safety audit of meat units/municipal slaughter houses will be conducted in coming 3 months in 40 cities expanded by third party auditing agency.

A mandatory food safety audit of the supply chain for e-commerce retail entities involved in retail of meat or meat products will also be conducted.

A steering group for “Clean and Safe Meat” will be formed that will have an overall responsibility for carrying out the activities in this campaign, including the preparation of guidance note for consumers on Fish / meat and feed.

FSSAI will plan a study on the overall ecosystem in sectors of meat, fish, poultry and feed to identify the gaps / foods safety concerns and the ways to address them

This Campaign will be a part of ‘Lauh Yatra’ movement, to clean the slaughter houses and meat markets. The stakeholders will be participating in ‘Lauh Yatra’ covering 2,000 locations in 40 cities across the country.