Frisky and fighting fit: Yes that’s Dr Sanjay Borude for you

At the age of 58, when most of the people look for retirement plans and opt for a leisurely life, Dr Sanjay Borude, takes up new ventures and keeps giving various exams- all to keep himself mentally and physically fit. This week in Fitness Mantra, let’s have a look at what this award-winning bariatric surgery does to keep himself fit


Look at Dr Borude from behind, and you would be muddled to know that it’s the silhouette of a 58-year-old man! He’s frisky and fighting fit. With a genetic heart ailment that came along his way when he was just 40 years of age, he still exercises his way to glory.

“I was always a fitness freak from the very beginning. However, what really changed my pattern of exercise was the time when I experienced a massive heart ailment when I was just 40. I couldn’t believe because I had a very controlled and healthy lifestyle. It was, a genetic condition, so I could do very little about it,” said Dr Sanjay Borude, a renowned bariatric surgeon in Mumbai.

Dr Sanjay Borude
Dr Sanjay Borude

However, he strongly believes his recovery from the ailment was due to his fitness. “I could pick up early signs of the disease only because I was fit. Even after my diagnosis, I maintain a very strict routine.”

At 6: 30 am in the morning, he starts his day by having a good breakfast. “I avoid junk food. I eat everything that’s homemade. I am an ardent fan of non-vegetarian food. I am a laparoscopic surgeon. So, I prefer to conduct operations in the morning which I scheduled from 8: 00 am onwards.”

Post the surgeries, he has a homemade meal. This is followed by his usual routine work. “I have three proper meals in a day. Since I am a heart patient, I have a specific cardiac rehab gym where I go to exercise. I do everything from cycling to jogging to individual muscle training — all of this thrice-a-week. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.”

Dr Borude concludes by revealing his keep-fit mantra, “Eating right things, in right quantity and at right intervals.”

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