Frightful: 69 fibroids removed from nurse’s uterus

A nurse from Mumbai’s Cama and Albless hospital was operated for fibroids against all odds and is living happily today. As per the 55-year-old, the doctor who operated her gave her a new lease of life

Frightful: 69 fibroids removed from nurse’s uterus

Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus. These tumours enlarge and cause severe abdominal pain and heavy or long-lasting periods and they are non-cancerous.

“In the year 2014, when I was in an urgent need for a surgery, no doctor across the city agreed to operate on me owing to failing health and multiple complications. I had severe bleeding for 12 years and to top it all, I had nobody in my family except for my daughters,” said Alka Anand Pandav, nurse at The Cama and Albless Hospital.

She has been working for the hospital for the past 33 years and is relentlessly passionate. She was suffering from 69 fibroids; the biggest one weighed 4.5 kgs. She had a history of ectopic rupture laparotomy as well.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 70 to 80 per cent of women have them by the age of 50, but most women do not have any symptoms.

“I got a second life after the fibroids removal surgery. I lost my husband in the year 2006, after which I had severe complications like cardiac ablations. No doctor was ready to operate leading to all these. Dr Katke supported me throughout my struggle. She literally gave me a second life,” said Pandav.

“Pandav is very hardworking and I knew about her health complications but I wanted her to get the best and hence decided to help her,” said Dr Rajshree Katke, medical superintendent of The Cama and Albless Hospital.

She added, “I am glad she is leading a healthy and normal lifestyle now.”