Frame guidelines for emergency organ donation: Bombay HC

A petition filed in the Bombay High Court, highlights an incident wherein a person lost out on a chance of being donated with an organ from a potential donor. This happened as the hospital did not have a license to carry out organ retrieval. This shows how people can suffer due to needless technicalities. Taking light of this, the high court has asked the Maharashtra government to take measures to prevent such situations

Frame guidelines for emergency organ donation: Bombay HC

  • The Bombay High Court on Monday asked the Maharashtra Government to formulate guidelines to handle emergency situations with respect to brain-dead patients and organ donation
  • The court was hearing a petition filed by Swapnil Raut, on an end-stage kidney disease patient awaiting donor kidney from a brain-dead patient.

“The court has directed the state government to review the ZTCC guidelines/mechanisms for organ retrieval in hospitals which are not registered for organ retrieval,” said advocate Pratik Javeri, who represented the petitioner in court.

The petition filed by Raut, who is presently on dialysis, focused on an incident that occurred in a Mumbai Hospital where another patient awaiting donor organ lost out on receiving the organ after the potential donor died due to cardiac arrest.

The petition highlighted how the hospital could not retrieve organs of the potential donor since it didn’t have a transplant licence.

The petition further states if the hospital was permitted organ retrieval, the lives of several recipients could have been saved.

Javeri said that the state government is supposed to notify the court by Monday (January 22) on the same.