Fourth division employees to go on one-day protest on June 18

Fourth division workers which compromise sweepers, ward boys and other essential staff who work in government-run hospitals and medical colleges. The state government had removed a tender for initiating privatisation of fourth division jobs in hospitals. The jobs of these workers are at risk


The fourth division employees will be launching a day-long protest at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan on June 18. These workers who work at state-run hospitals will be protesting against the privatisation of their jobs which the state government is currently considering to do.

The demands put forth by the State Government Fourth Division Workers Union:

  • Stop privatisation of jobs immediately.
  • 25 per cent post which had been reduced of fourth division workers should be stopped. The posts should not be reduced.
  • A pension scheme needs to be started.
  • The vacant posts need to be filled according to the government’s rule.
  • When a worker dies, their children should be nominated to take over their job.
  • Contract workers who have been working with the hospital for many years need to be included in government services.
  • Private workers should not be brought in by the state government.
  • Recommendations made in the 7th Pay Commission needs to be implemented. The salary of workers needs to be increased.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Devidas Badhe, President of the Fourth Class Employee Association Coordination Committee , said, “The fourth division employees play a pivotal role in providing services to the patient. In the past, the number of patients was less, but now the number of patients has increased but the number of workers has remained the same in comparison. This has increased the workload on employees.”

He added, “There are many post which are vacant. The government is considering to bring in private workers to fill this post. Due to this, the jobs of the current workers can be affected, as they will lose their job. Our demand is to stop privatisation of Fourth Division Employees jobs. We are planning to launch a one-day protest in Mumbai.”

While Krushna Shivsagar, Treasurer of the organisation, said, “The state government has reduced 25 per cent of our posts. We want them to revive this post. We will be launching a protest, but work won’t be affected in state-run hospitals. The government must pay attention to our demands, if the government does not take notice of this protest. Then we will take out a Maha Morcha when the next assembly session takes place.”