Four mantra’s to keep your marriage alive 

Dr Harish Shetty believes that any relationship will work only after necessary efforts are made. He explains that memory is affected by feelings and people should never get bored in marriages

Four mantra's to keep your marriage alive 

The monotonous lifestyle of long working hours and meeting tons of new people may lead to a disturbed relationship, believe city-based psychiatrists. In a session, Pati, Patni aur woh, Dr Harish Shetty, consultant psychiatrist at LH Hiranandani Hospital, Powai spoke at length about extra marital relationships.

“Nowadays, we have long working hours and we tend to meet a lot of new people every day. Because of which, people feel bored and there is a lack of guilt in their actions. We need to understand that any relationship will work only after we make necessary efforts to make them work,” he added.

Dr Harish Shetty
Dr Harish Shetty

He believes, “There is no such thing as a happy marriage life, there can only be a peaceful one. There are four mantras that would make your marriage work – firstly, marriage is a union of two forgivers. Secondly, you need to encourage small talks and soft touch. Thirdly, try to have as many meals as you can together, in a week. And lastly, cuddling is very important.”

Talking about cuddling, he said, “cuddling is more important that having sex.” He explains that memory is affected by feelings. Sex may or may not to be limited to age, but cuddling does not have age limit.

Most of the times, the partner goes for revenge date. “My husband has an extra-marital affair, so now even I’ll go for it. This is how most relationships end. We must know that love doesn’t come in numbers, but intimacy should be limited to one,” added Dr Shetty

Lastly, he says that people should never get bored in marriages. “Boredom is tougher to treat than any illness. That should never get in between the partners.”

  • Omkar Kulkarni

    We must agree not all matches are made in heaven, and things can fall apart quite often, forcing a marriage could be a mistake and can cause complications later in life.


    I would add a fifth mantra here and that’s prayer. I, being a Catholic firmly believe that a family that prays together-stays together.