‘For a second I felt Dipali would come and take her degree’

Dipali Lahamate, was an intern at Nair Dental College and lost her life after being hit by a speeding car on March 04, 2018. The doctors of civic-run Nair Dental College had started an online campaign, seeking stern action against the guilty in the hit-and-run case by seeking justice for Dipali


“Today her dream has truly come true. She had studied hard, fought day and night, didn’t leave a single stone unturned, with only one dream in her eyes. Today, Deepali, secured a degree, Bachelor of Dental surgery (BDS). But, to enjoy this moment, she is not with us. We miss her a lot,” said Abhinay Lahamate, the brother of late Dipali Lahamate.

Adhinay Lahamate struggles to describe his emotions as this is a bittersweet moment for him. He is joyous about his sister dreams become a reality, but heartbroken that she isn’t her to celebrate her achievement.


With a quivering voice he said, “Dipali was eagerly waiting for this day. Today, she has received her Bachelor of Dental surgery (BDS) degree. But, to take the degree in her hand, she is not with us. Today, for a second I felt that Dipali would come and take her degree with her own hands.”

Dipali Lahamate is no more and the last reminder of Depali will always be her medical degree. Depali worked hard for her degree and taken admission into Nair Dental College in 2013, she had recently graduated in 2018 and worked as a dental intern since then.

Dipali was hit on Marine Drive, while she was trying to cross the road. Dipali passed away after battling for her life for four days later on March 28.

The convocation ceremony was held today at Nair Dental College. Her brother, Abhinay Lahamate received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree on Dipali’s behalf.

Bani, who is pursuing her internship in Mumbai’s civic-run Nair Dental College, while speaking to My Medical Mantra says,“Today Deepali has received her degree. We all miss her a lot. Deepali had worked hard with us. Today, when she got her degree, we thought she should have been with us.”