Following your ex on social media can break your marriage

Do you follow your ex on social media? Or often like or comment on his posts on Social media? Well! Your behaviour can wreck your relationship. A week ago, an Australian psychiatrist, Dr Martin Graff, introduced a psychiatric term known as ‘micro-cheating’ which includes seemingly trivial actions by an individual which may lead to serious consequences in relationships. My Medical Mantra tries to decode its presence in Indian marriages

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Micro-cheating has been getting some serious buzz across the usual suspects. When Sapna Sharma’s husband, Sudhir (both names have been changed) got her to Human Touch clinic in Mulund, it was basically for her regression-like behaviour. Every time they argued, she would begin to behave abnormally or child-like.

On repeated counselling, Dr Karia came across a hugely popular phenomenon. “Technology needs to be used wisely. Both of these people were in a relationship with two other individuals and had confessed about this before marriage. After marriage, they started having constant fights because of excessive phone usage,” said Dr Sagar Karia, psychiatrist at Human Touch Multispecialty Clinic in Mulund.

He added, “More importantly, Sudhir’s habit of posting pictures with different females whom he referred to as ‘colleagues and friends’. Phone chats, frequent calls led to more fights post which they decided that their relationship was going beyond repair. Amidst this, Sapna started getting bouts of regression due to stress.”

A week ago, an Australian psychiatrist, Dr Martin Graff,  introduced a term known as ‘micro-cheating’ which includes seemingly trivial actions by an individual which may lead to serious consequences, and doctors in the city say this is very much a reality even here.

Infidelity or emotional infidelity has been the catch-phrase for quite a while now. Many couples like the Sharma’s have been approaching psychiatrists for the same.

“Suppose your ex has posted a picture on Facebook and you randomly post a heart or like every post. Even on Instagram, people send heart emojis to everyone. All of this leads to excessive anxiety in your partner which, may or may not be worrisome. We are getting a lot of such cases and all of this is because, technology has broken communication among partners,” said Dr Avinash De’Sousa, co-founder of Desousa Foundation.

‘Micro-cheating’, according to Dr Graff includes:

  • Looking at an ex’s profile
  • Sending emojis such as hearts and flowers to others overtly
  • Saving phone contact details of a person in a false name
  • Regularly looking at a particular person’s social media profile
  • Messaging someone without your partner knowing
  • Tagging someone (other than your partner) in a post as part of an ‘inside joke’