Flight crew member revives passenger by giving him CPR

A medical emergency can take place anywhere at any time, in an unlikely situation being prepared can help save a life. On Jet Airways flight number 9W 973 BLR DEL, a crew member did exactly that when a passenger on-board was in dire need of help

Flight crew member revives passenger by giving him CPRIt was a regular Thursday morning, at Bengaluru airport, as passengers were busy rushing to catch their respective flights. Meanwhile, Jet Airways crew members were engaged in completing the final round check-up of flight 9W 973 BLR DEL , which was set to take-off for Mumbai. Everything went as per schedule.

Everything was normal on the plane; the in-flight crew members were occupied in attending the queries of the passengers. Suddenly, when the plane was mid-air, one of the passengers on-board started feeling dizzy, he was complaining of breathlessness and appeared pale.

Tanveer Ahmed, National spokesperson of Janaga Dal United (JDS), was seated a few rows behind this passengers. Other passengers were worried about this man’s condition, just then one of the crew members named Amandeep came to his aid.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Tanveer Ahmed said, “I was sitting a few rows behind the passenger and was observing everything. The passenger was really in trouble. After a few minutes, he fainted as well. But, the jet crew member Amandeep handled the situation very well. He rushed towards the passenger and helped him giving him by CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).”

Flight crew member revives passenger by giving him CPR
Jet airways crew member Amandeep

Ahmed further added, “Amandeep was blowing oxygen continuously, and kept pressing his chest multiple times. He kept on doing it relentless since over 45 minutes to close to an hour. Finally, his ceaseless efforts paid off and the man, who was struggling to breath, was able to breathe on his own. For me, Amandeep is not only hero, but also a superstar.”

He added that the situation was tense. But, Amandeep never lost his composure while doing the procedure. He was as calm and composed as one should be in an emergency situation.

According to Ahmed, after the flight landed in Mumbai all the due procedures were carried out by the staff.

A spokesperson from Jet Airways confirmed about this incident saying, “A passenger travelling on flight number 9W 973 BLR DEL of yesterday (Thursday) developed a medical condition. He was immediately attended to by an alert crew member Amandeep, who took charge and began administering first aid as per the laid down company procedures. Amandeep was assisted by the other crew members working in the economy cabin in handling the situation.”

He added, “The crew took an update of the guest’s medical history from a family member accompanying him and administered medication and oxygen as per the laid down procedures. Fortunately, a nurse who was travelling on board helped the crew to keep the passenger’s health in a stable condition.”