Fitness formula of Dr Nadkarni, who shed 60 kgs

Lifestyle modifications, exercises and yoga can be of great help to make you fit. Renowned psychiatrist and social worker, Dr Anand Nadkarni says the aim should always be to enjoy the process rather than rush into completing deadlines to attain weight-goals

Fitness formula of Dr Nadkarni, who shed 60kgs

“While travelling in the plane I often had to ask for an extra seat belt. When I decided to reduce my weight I always imagined myself in a single seat belt. I am really happy that I have managed to do that now,” said Dr Anand Nadkarni, a well-known psychiatrist and a social worker.

In last 4 years, Dr Nadkarni has reduced 60 kg. His weight was 160 kg. He could achieve this by making some important changes in the lifestyle. “I did not pressurize myself while reducing the weight. I checked my weight only in 2 months,” said Dr Anand Nadkarni.

Diet changes that Dr Nadkarni followed to reduce weight:

Reduced the speed of eating

Started taking smaller morsels

Limited the intake of Carbohydrates

Started eating Bhakaris made by Jowar, Bajara and Ragi

Started eating Salad and soups before the main meal

“I generally avoid eating rice but it doesn’t mean that I don’t eat rice at all. I just avoid other food items with Carbohydrates in the meal, if I eat rice. I don’t restrict myself from eating anything. I just make sure that it is in control. Sometimes I eat chocolate as well but then I avoid other rich calorie items,” Dr Nadkarni explained.

Fitness formula of Dr Nadkarni, who shed 60kgs

Exercise and physical activity are important not only to reduce weight but also to remain fit. Dr Nadkarni regularly does Yoga every morning and he walks till he enjoys. “One shouldn’t look at the distance while walking. Walking has to be adjusted in your schedule. I usually ask my driver to drop me at a distance from home and then walk back home. Such adjustments don’t pressurise you and you can enjoy the process.”

Self-motivation is also important in the process of losing weight. Dr Nadkarni shared how he motivated himself. “I imagined what I would gain from losing the weight. I pictured the possible images of future. I imagined that I would walk on stage while doing compelling of a show or I would need just one seat belt in the plane. If you don’t focus on the positive outcomes from the future you will be saddened by the restrictions in the present.”