First successful kidney transplant performed in a medical camp, labourer gets a new lease of life

Nana Beldar works as a labourer and his 29-year-old son underwent a kidney transplant surgery at free medical camp held in Nashik. This is probably the first kidney transplant surgery performed in a medical camp. Like the Beldars, Held on January 1, the camp proved to be beneficial for many who attended it

First successful kidney surgery performed in a medical camp, labourer gets a new lease of life
Deepak Beldar, 29, a labourer who underwent a successful kidney transplant surgery at Rishikesh Hospital in Nashik

For Nana Beldar, who works as a labourer in Nashik, 2016 turned out to be a year of despair and helplessness after his son was diagnosed with kidney failure. Nana earns barely Rs120-Rs200 per day and he says it was unthinkable to cough up a huge amount for his son’s kidney transplant surgery, until he attended the free medical camp.

His 29-year-old son, Deepak Beldar, got a new lease of life after getting kidney transplant at the free medical camp held in Nashik. It is the first successful kidney transplant done at a free medical camp in Maharashtra.

“To get a kidney transplant operation was unaffordable and unimaginable for us, but the free medical camp came to our rescue. More such camps should be held,” said Nana Beldar, father of Deepak.

Nana says his son was diagnosed in January 2016 and since then, he had been on dialysis.

“We are labourers and we earn barely Rs150 to Rs200 per day. We were getting his dialysis done despite financial difficulties. My son was tired and exhausted with the dialysis process. It was painful, both physically and mentally. I was left helpless as there was no other option,” said Deepak’s father.

Being the eldest child of the family, his father proved to be a perfect donor.

“Kidney transplant or any other kind of transplant is expensive. We don’t want people who can’t afford this treatment to suffer. As cases of chronic diseases are on rise, affordable treatment is important,” said Girish Mahajan, Guardian Minister.

Rameshwar Naik, camp coordinator, said, “We have done many surgeries and transplants, but this is the first successful transplant surgery during a medical camp. In future, we are thinking to perform more such transplants for the betterment of the people.”

Held on January 1, the camp proved to be beneficial for many who attended it.

“I never thought that my son will be diagnosed with a kidney failure. I did not want to risk his life and instead of waiting for a donor, I decided to give my kidney,” said Deepak’s father.

After completing all the required medical and legal procedures, transplant was done on March 31 at Rishikesh Hospital in Nashik.

In the team of doctors who performed the transplant were Dr Bhausaheb More, Dr Nandan Vilekar, Dr Pratikshit Mahajan, Dr Pranav Chaajed, Dr Rajendra Nehete, Dr Anirudhha Dhokre, Dr Shayam Pagar, Dr Aniruddha Chimote and Dr Yogesh Patekar.

“Both son and father are fine now. We will discharge Deepak in a few days. It’s always good to see your patient recover quickly. Seeing the happiness of the Beldars after this transplant has encouraged us to do many more such transplants in future,” said Dr Bhausaheb Morey, Managing Director of Rishikesh hospital, Nashik.

The cost of the transplant, Rs2 lakh, has been funded by the CM’s aid fund, along with other social organisations’ contribution.

Sandeep Jadhav, who works in the minister’s office and takes regular follow-up of all the patients who are scheduled for the surgery, “After the one-day camp is over, we are regularly in touch with the patients who need a surgery. As per doctors’ availability, we call the patient and orgnaise the surgery at Nashik. Sometimes, we taken help from private hospital consultants and they are also willing to cooperate and conduct surgeries.”
He added, “We are all happy as this is probably the first patient in the medical camp who underwent kidney transplant. Our minister is taking a keen interest in this process.”
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