‘First hold talks with us, then decide upon MESMA,’ MARD to Maha govt

The organisation of Central Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) representing over 4,500 resident doctors all over Maharashtra has decided to oppose the proposal of the Medical Education Ministry to apply Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act (MESMA) on resident doctor if they opt for strike


The organisation stated that ‘this step of the government was not made for solving the actual problem which the public healthcare system is facing, but it is an undemocratic step taken to muzzle the voice of resident doctors all over Maharashtra.

A statement issued from MARD further read, ‘WE have joined this profession because somewhere in our hearts we have the passion to serve, if it would have not been there we would have not opted for this profession. Nobody wants to go on strike by choice and harass the common masses. But, it is the government , who, by not showing courage to solve issues raised by us, create the necessity of strikes.’

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Central MARD president, Dr Lokesh Kumar Chirwatkar, said, “The state government went ahead with this proposal without hoding talks or any discussions with us. They have not bothered to ask our opinion before taking this major decision. This is a undemocratic step. We have been trying to meet the state health minister since the past two months. But we haven’t been able to secure an appointment with the minister. The government is not interested in holding talks with us.”

He added, “The decision which the government is contemplating top take is not in favour of resident doctors, nor is it helpful in solving our problems. If the state government want to impose MESMA Act , then it should also bring in a system to address attack on doctors and other injustices faced by us. If the state government decided to go ahead with MESMA we will take appropriate action against this.”