First cadaver donation takes place in 172-year-old JJ Hospital

Despite an overall rise in the instances of cadaver transplant cases in Mumbai, the numbers remain abysmally low in government hospitals


Sir JJ Hospital took a historic step by conducting its first-ever cadaver donation in 172 years. This move is significant because despite a rise in number of cadaver donations in Mumbai in the recent past, the rates have been very low in government hospitals.

Sangeeta Mahajan from Jalgoan district in Maharashtra met with an accident on July 17, 2017, and she was admitted to Sir JJ Hospital on July 20, as her condition kept deteriorating. Doctors at the hospital found Mahajan’s brain was dying. Efforts were then made to convince her family to donate her organs.

Rameshwar Naik, the personal assistant of medical education minister Girish Mahajan, convinced her family members. After Mahajan’s husband Rajesh gave his consent, the process of cadaver donation began. Both her eyes and liver and have been donated for transplant.

Mahajan’s liver was sent to Jupiter Hospital and both eyes went to eye bank in Sir JJ Hospital. Her heart could not be donated because of the lack of suitable recipient. Also, her kidneys were declared unfit for donation.

Dr Gaurav Chaubal, liver transplant and HPB surgeon from Jupiter Hospital, retrieved the organs. “I have performed more than 200 cadaver donation surgeries. I am glad that gradually awareness about organ donation is increasing in our society. Relatives of brain dead patients should come forward and opt for this life-saving cause,” he told My Medical Mantra.

Sir JJ Hospital receives several cases of brain dead patients but cadaver donation could not happen so far as relatives of patients would not consent. Dr TP Lahane, the dean of Grant Medical and JJ Group of Hospitals, said, “This is the first step. Our team at Sir JJ Hospital will work hard to convince relatives for the cadaver donation. We will also work towards spreading awareness about the organ donation.”




This is the first cadaver donation at Sir JJ Hospital since it was founded in 1845. Doctors from various departments were present during the surgical procedure and helped make it a success. Head of general surgery Dr Ajay Bhandarvar looked after the procedure. Dr Amol Wagh, Dr PD Nichat, Dr Shradha Dhende helped to facilitate the process. Dr Kamlesh, Dr Dhanashri, Dr Vaishali, Dr Kundan and Dr Geete were also present.

Dr Leena Seth from the nephrology department; Dr Vyankat Geete, the head of urology department, and Dr Priya Patil, the head of the medicine department helped in the procedure.

Dr Sanjay Surase, medical superintendent (MS) of Sir JJ Hospital; Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, MS of St George’s Hospital and Dr Vikas Maindad, sub-medical superintendent of GT Hospital also ensured the procedure was a success. Social service superintendents at Sir JJ Hospital Mr Rathod and Mr Patil also put in their efforts.

Kunal Bachchhav and Urmila Mahajan from Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC) coordinated with the organ recipients. Dr Anirudh Kulkarni from Jupiter Hospital also put in his efforts for this cause. Vasudev Mahajan also volunteered for the success of the surgery.